Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I get more information about the programs offered by the Canadian Institute of International Business (CIIB)?

CIIB offers certificate courses in the areas of Business, HR, Management and Leadership, PMO, Program, and Project Management. Our courses are taught by practicing industry professionals with at least 10 years of experience. You can get more information about CIIB programs by:
1. Looking on our website under the Programs for Individuals menu
2. Emailing us any questions that you may have to

2. Are CIIB programs recognized in the industry?

CIIB programs are intending to prepare participants for the rapidly changing needs of their companies and businesses. Completing a CIIB program gives you the proven and practical techniques that will help you to accelerate your career and gain an edge among the competition.

3. Is the CIIB in compliance with the Canadian Government?

Yes, the Canadian Institute of International Business is in full compliance with the regulations of the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

4. Are CIIB programs full-time or part-time?

Canadian Institute of International Business offers programs using a hybrid method of education. Online education components, including videos, assignments, case studies, and quizzes, are accessible 24/7 via CIIB Learning Management System. Some courses include live webinars, which usually are conducted between Noon and 6 PM EST, which are scheduled as required. In case you cannot attend a live webinar, its recording will be made available to you via CIIB Learning Management System.

5. How much time do CIIB programs require?

CIIB programs are broken into modules. Modules include all required pre-reading. Usually, each module requires about one week and requires between 2 to 8 hours each week.

6. How much knowledge do I need to enroll in CIIB program?

Several CIIB programs have prerequisites. Please check the program page on our website whether specific prerequisites are required for a program. When selecting a program, carefully review its outline, as that’s what will be taught in the program. If you do not have sufficient background in a discipline, you may find the material of the program too advanced. If you are unsure, please email us at and describe your professional background and objectives. We will be glad to recommend a course that is just right for you!

7. How do you ensure that materials that you teach in your programs are practical?

We follow a unique approach to business education. We select our instructors from the best industry practitioners who have at least 10 years of experience in their chosen field. We ensure that, during that time, our instructors have struggled, learned the lessons, and climbed their career ladder, often from the very bottom to nearly the top of their industry.
We firmly believe that only that kind of experience gives our instructors “internalized” knowledge, where by virtue of their experience – they have at least 3 or 4 techniques at their disposal to address every business problem. In our experience, only such instructors who have reached the top of their industry, rather than those that see education as their career, can offer the best and most practical knowledge and insights to our students.

8. Can I apply concepts learned to a small company? How about a large company?

Yes, all of the strategies, tools, and techniques taught in our courses are relevant to businesses of all sizes. Our instructors have experience providing advisory services to all sizes of companies – from Fortune 100 to Small and Medium Enterprises. Our instructors have also observed nearly all kinds of business issues associated with various stages of the business growth, and for large companies – resolution of business issues in most of the functional business areas.
When the application of a technique would differ for a small company and a large company, we will explicitly call it out in the course material.
Curriculum and Faculty

9. Do faculty conduct live webinars? Can I interact directly with the faculty and ask them to address my questions?

It depends on the class. Webinars are conducted by either Course Leaders who are highly accomplished industry professionals, or by the members of faculty. If you have any questions about our courses, our course leaders or support staff will be happy to answer them – please email us at

10. Can I talk to someone to help me to decide about enrolling?

Our course leaders and faculty often conduct webinars for potential students before they enroll. Alternately, you can email us at, describe your situation and desired outcomes, and we will be glad to recommend a course that will work great for you and your company.

11. How will I be notified about new lecture topics, assignments, webinars, and new modules?

Upon enrolling in a program, you will be provided an overview of the entire program. Each module will have an outline of that module. You will also receive announcements about webinars, as well as new assignments, quizzes, new modules, and new lectures – if those will be added to the course.

12. How long are the typical video lectures?

The majority of our video lectures are under 10 minutes. We believe that this format maximizes attention and facilitates the best retention of the material. Other forms of video, such as webinar recordings, may be longer.

13. I am a working professional; will I have enough time to complete the program?

One module of each program requires a dedicated time of approximately between two and eight hours per week. The specific time will depend on the course, module, and level of familiarity with the topic of the course. Our recommendation is to free up and schedule this time in advance. This way, you will maximize your learning and takeaways from the program.

14. What exactly will I be doing during the two to eight study hours per week for a program I am taking?

During the two to eight hours per week, you will be spending on the contents of one module. Depending on the course, modules may include pre-reading (if required), video lectures, assignments, case studies, quizzes, and webinars.

15. Do you provide guidance and mentoring for the students enrolled in a program?

Yes, we provide an ability to answer student’s questions and address their concerns on the topic of a specific class. Such guidance is focused on the topics covered in the program that the student is enrolled into. For the topics that are not covered by a program, some of our faculty and program leaders may be offering their coaching services privately. If that is of interest, please email us at, and we will be glad to assist.

16. What kind of equipment will I need for accessing the programs and the Learning Management System?

For most of the programs, you will need a laptop or a tablet and a high-speed internet connection. If the programs require specific technology prerequisites, those will be listed on a course webpage.

17. How do I attend classes?

Upon enrollment, you will be provided with access to the CIIB Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS will include all of the materials, including agendas for each module, video lectures, assignments, case studies, and supplementary materials.

18. Do you have live webinars? What happens if I miss one?

We typically conduct live webinars between Noon and 6 PM EST. They are scheduled on an as-required basis and are announced to attendees of the program in advance. If you have missed a webinar, its recording will be made available in the Learning Management System.

19. What do I do if I can’t access, or have difficulties with the Learning Management System?

If you have forgotten your password, you can use the “Forgot Password” feature and request a password reset that will be sent to your registered email account. For all other issues with the Learning Management System, or with the course content, please email us at

20. What kind of proprietary, sensitive, or confidential information may I include in the assignments?

When completing assignments, you may be asked to describe your specific business or personal situation. Please make sure that you use discretion and do not include any proprietary, sensitive, or confidential information in your assignments and case studies.

21. Can I download course videos for my reference?

No, considering the high quality of the video content that we offer – you cannot download the video lectures. We take piracy very seriously; each stream includes uniquely identifying metadata of the student that is streaming it, and we monitor unauthorized attempts to download video materials. However, we recognize that you would like to have the course materials, including videos, available for reference. It is our pleasure to extend you complimentary access to the Learning Management System for 12 months since your enrollment date into the program.
Some other materials, such as course outlines and lecture slides, will have a download icon available. You can download these materials and use them to enhance your learning experience.

Application and Enrollment

22. How do I enroll in the CIIB certificate program?

The steps to enroll in the CIIB certificate program are:

1. Visit and select a program area and a program that you are interested in
2. Click on the “Access Course” button
3. Provide your name and email
4. Pay the tuition fee
5. Access the program
At any time, you can come back and access the courses that you are enrolled into by visiting:

23. I cannot log in or forgot password

If you can’t remember your password, please go to and select “Forgot Password.” You will be asked to provide an email that you registered with, and you will receive instructions to change your password.

24. What are the documents needed for the certificate program?

You don’t need any documents to apply for a certificate program. All that you need to do is to submit your information and pay the tuition fees.

25. Do you have close captioning provided for the video lectures?

Yes, our pre-recorded video lectures include close captioning.

Fees and Payment

26. What are the payment methods available for me to pay tuition fees?

We accept payments by credit card – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or Amex.

27. Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds of any of our courses.

28. Do you offer discounts for group enrollments?

We welcome group enrollments! We noticed that upon completion of the course, participants of the group bring back practical techniques and tools for the benefit of their companies. For group enrollments, we offer discounts of up to 20%. Please reach out to us at with the details about your group.

Program Evaluation, Course Completion, Program Certificates

29. Will I get a certificate for the CIIB program?

We send you a digital certificate to all participants who have successfully completed the program.

30. What do I need to do to obtain a program completion certificate for the program that I have enrolled in?

The awarded certificate signifies that you have completed all of the learning objectives of the program. For you to apply for a certificate, you will need to successfully complete all of the video lectures, as well as all assignments, case studies, quizzes, and tests that may be present in the program. Each program will have instructions on how to submit course work, and upon submission – how to request the issuance of the certificate.
We recognize that not all of our students will need certificates. While we highly encourage all students to complete all of the learning materials, none of our courses have the completion of materials as a condition of accessing the next module. Upon enrollment, you can access all modules and all course materials within the program.

31. How soon will I get the program completion certificate?

You will typically receive your course completion certificate within two to four weeks since the time you have successfully completed the program.

32. How long are the certificates valid for?

No, our certificates do not have an expiry date.

33. Do your certificates have any maintenance requirements?

No, our certificates do not have any ongoing educational requirements to maintain them.

34. How many assignments per week are there?

The number of assignments depends on the course and the module. Assignments and case studies are listed in the course outline. Typically, there are between 2 and 5 assignments in each module. Modules are structured in a way to require between 2 and 8 hours to complete all of the learning associated with that module.

35. Do I need to purchase any software, tools, or access to the platform that is needed to complete the assigned work?

No, you don’t need to purchase any additional software packages or software-as-a-service access; those will be provided as part of the course. Some courses may have textbooks – optional or mandatory – you may need to purchase those.