Our Faculty

CIIB professors are practicing industry experts with dozens of years of experience who are renowned leaders in their fields

Our faculty is different than any other educational institution. In our faculty, we only have renown practicing specialists with no less than a dozen years of dedicated experience. They strive to provide practical skills to our students instead of theoretical material that can’t be applied in practice. We are very proud of such a practical approach because it distinguishes us from all other institutions.

Our experts are passionate about the success of our students and always are open to feedback. They bring students practical solutions from the forefront of the biggest and most successful business organizations in Canada and worldwide.

Our experts bring to such solutions that cannot be found in any books. They can only be obtained in practice, with time and effort.

We know from experience how drastically theoretical information can differ from the knowledge that you can apply in practice. That is why we include as many practical solutions in our courses as we can because we think about the success of our students.