9 Tips for Taking Online classes When Working Full-time

While it’s true that it can be challenging to manage a full-time job and a life outside of work, you can still manage your time effectively through online courses.

If you’re planning a schedule-busting course, you might consider virtual learning platforms that let you attend lectures from anywhere.

There are 14 million people in the workforce who are working while going to school. This shows that people can work and learn at the same time. Some people can balance both these tasks.

Regardless of the time of day, virtual programs are a perfect way to learn new skills and expertise.

In this article, we highlight some essential tips for taking online classes and how to fix them into your tight work schedule.

Tips For Taking Online Classes

1. Time Management

A busy week at work means you have to start earlier than usual. If you’re an online course student, you need to be able to start earlier than expected.

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No more waiting for the ideal moment to begin working on your assignments. Plan and be on your toes.

2. Know When You Learn Best

Your online course is flexible. It’s entirely up to you when you want to learn, and you can finish it at your own pace.

Some people prefer to study a little before bedtime or in the morning before work.

Knowing when you learn best can help you determine the optimal time to tackle your course.

3.Make A Habit Of Learning

It’s easier to learn when it’s a part of your routine. A habit is a behaviour pattern that you replicate over time.

It can be a routine, such as washing your hands or brushing your teeth, or it can be a particular activity, such as working on your assignments.

You could develop a habit by reading for an entire day or by choosing one specific reading assignment.

4. Eliminate Distractions

You’ll be able to focus better if you block out all other notifications and alerts.

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You can’t study if you’re constantly distracted by social media and email, and you won’t be able to push through your coursework if you’re wandering around the internet.

5. Incorporate Coursework Into The Everyday Routine

It’s essential to find a way to incorporate coursework into the everyday routine at work. The more you integrate it into your daily life, the less it’s a distraction.

Perhaps you want to understand data and apply it to your business.

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Registering for a program that equips you with that knowledge can help with your everyday work.

Using what you’re learning, you can better blend your two worlds while also impressing your boss.

6. Inform Your Boss

If you want to take an online class, tell your boss and let them know.

This shows commitment and interest in your professional development.

More importantly, you might get a better deal on the course or get a helping hand from your employer.

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Coming clean about a workplace commitment can be a powerful gesture for showing respect for your colleagues.

By sharing your online education with your boss, you’re positioning yourself for future opportunities.

7. Seek Help

There are no shortcuts. Working with others is the best way to manage your time. If you feel overwhelmed by your commitments, ask for Help.

Online courses can connect you to a community of like-minded peers who are trying to balance personal and professional obligations of their own.

Ask for Help and share what you’ve learned from other people.

8. Take Care Of Yourself

To remain sane during your online program, it’s best if you put your health first. Agree to take a break from your workday and focus on your well-being.

Go on a work-free weekend. Schedule a massage or a pedicure.

You’ll be able to complete online classes without exhaustion, and you can get a lot done if you’re motivated to get there.

9. Don’t Forget its Temporary

As with any significant life change, online classes are a challenge. You might get overwhelmed, feel paralyzed, or be unsure of how to move forward. Remember your goal, and take one step at a time.


You have to balance your time between work and taking online courses, which is an effort in itself. However, it’s not impossible.

If you have the discipline and the proper support, you can organize your time in a way that makes both of these activities possible.

About the Author

Eugen Spivak is a multi-award-winning author, business strategist, and a business coach. Eugen is the founder of the Canadian Institute of International Business, an organization focused on a better way to learn business!

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