How to Make Your Resume Stand Out: The Secrets to Getting Noticed

Unemployment is at an unprecedented low, which means hiring managers want to hire the best candidates they can find.

If you’re an unemployed candidate, it’s essential to make your resume stand out from the rest.

Use this article to help you make sure you come up with the perfect resume for your next job.

Tips on How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

1. Your Online Profile May Matter Most

If you’re serious about getting a job, your online presence is crucial. LinkedIn is a great place to build a professional network and find potential employers.

You can use it to connect with friends, colleagues, and potential employers.

Your LinkedIn profile will be the first impression people get of you.

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If you have something to say about your career and the roles you’ve held, a clear and concise resume with your accomplishments and accomplishments will make a lot of difference.

If you can create a great LinkedIn profile and a reliable profile on LinkedIn, recruiters will come to you.

2. Optimize Your Search With Keywords

Research shows that candidates’ resumes are less likely to be read if they don’t use keywords.

It’s advisable to use keywords in your headline and summary. These are two pieces of text that attract the attention of the searcher.

This will help you in positioning your resume in the correct category. Search engines like Google will rank your resume higher if it is optimized for search.

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It would be best to optimize your LinkedIn and online profiles for job sites like Indeed or Glassdoor.

These sites use keywords to filter through resumes and make the process of finding a job much more manageable.

When you optimize your resume, you help yourself get to the top of the search results.

3. Be Creative

To be successful in your career, show off your creativity. If your resume and profile are boring, you may be missing out on opportunities.

The only way to show your personality is to be creative. Your resume or profile should show off your personality.

It doesn’t have to be that long. A few words about yourself are acceptable. Show off your creativity.

Since your resume is your primary instrument for getting interviews, it should be visually appealing.

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Use a font that is as modern as the industry that you are applying for. A bolder font will help your resume look professional, and a more modern font will help it stand out.

Avoid using the same font on multiple screens. Consider using font sizes to make your resume stand out from the rest.

4. Show, Don’t Tell

As a job candidate, you should always talk about what you have done, and you should always share the results of your actions.

By not sharing your actions’ consequences, you risk motivating the interviewer not to be the right candidate for the job.

Share a straightforward story about what you did in your previous job and the results that you achieved. Show proof of your impact by using numbers to back up your claims.

For some positions, it is essential to show that you are a skilled professional.

For example, if you apply for a software developer job, you might want to show off your GitHub profile, your personal blog, or your Twitter account.

5. Customize To The Job

It’s essential to have a strong resume that highlights your most relevant skills. Tailoring your resume for specific jobs is also crucial.

The best outlines highlight your most relevant skills and highlight them concerning your applying for the job.

Tailoring your profile to the job you’re applying for helps ensure that you don’t come across as too similar to other candidates.

6. Keep It Short

Recruiters are short on time, so don’t waste their time on lengthy résumés. The more concise your resume is, the more quickly it can be reviewed.

There are two simple ways to save time and energy.

First, you can limit your resume to one page. You can even make it to one page only if you have less than ten years of professional experience.

Second, you can use bullet points. Bullet points will give you more time to focus on the essential information on your resume.

7. Proofread

Your resume should be clean and professional. That’s the first thing that an employer will notice about you.

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If you have keyboarding errors or grammatical errors on your resume, it’s likely to get tossed in the trash. That’s why it’s crucial to have someone else proofread your work.

The perfect resume should be as error-free as possible. The human brain can catch the errors even if you’re looking at them, so don’t overlook them

8. Highlight Skills

To stand out, you have to highlight the unique qualities you have that set you apart from other candidates.

These can be life experiences or skills, but it’s essential to be confident in your abilities.

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Many of the abilities recruiters look for in new employees are related to teamwork and communication skills.

Being self-reliant and willing to take the initiative are also important. Highlighting these qualities can help you stand out as someone ready to learn on the job and a good team player.


It’s necessary to put your best foot forward when it comes to your resume. You have to be prepared to present yourself in a positive light and show that you’re ready for the job.

Write a perfect resume and make sure it’s consistent with your resume strategy. Remember to update your resume with your skills and accomplishments.

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