8 Simple Actions That Help You Not Give Up On Your Goals

Have you ever braced yourself to a new set of challenges? I mean, you set your heart to achieve the desired goals no matter the cost. But at some point, you just got stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and distracted that you simply veered off track?

Well, staying on course and focused on what you’ve purposed to do, with so much going on around you, is difficult. Is it not?

So how do you achieve your goals and protect your focus so that you do not let obligations stretch you thin? Because as much as you are pulled in every direction and life overwhelms you, you know that those excuses will only take you so far. There is a system to staying focused on your goals, methods and techniques to help you avoid getting side-tracked and veering off course too much.

Here are 8 simple actions that will help you not give up on your goals.


1. Outline Your Goals Precisely

The most effective part of goal setting is writing out your goals. It ensures that your goals do not stay in the abstract. Imagine having just a rough idea of what you want to do with your business without specific targets or timelines.

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Would that be a sufficiently defined business goal that steers your company towards business growth?

If you’re serious about your goals, you have to actively set them and make them as real as they can be.

Unlike active goal setting, passive goal setting remains abstract in the mind, which makes it super easy for you to lose focus on your goals. You must create as much detail towards your prospective goals as possible if you really want to achieve them.

2. Come Up With a Mission Statement

Do you know why companies create mission statements all the time? It is the surest way of helping you direct your time and energy towards the things that matter most to you, the goals.

A mission statement will help you stay focused on all the important goals you set.

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A mission statement will help you define what you value, believe in, and what you want to achieve or accomplish. It tells how you are doing things differently from others.

When you get distracted or start to veer off, all you need to do is to read out your mission statement. It paints a [picture of what you want to achieve and why you are doing it every day and keeps you on track.

3. Manage Your Time Effectively

The best shot you have to stay focused on your goals and achieve them is effective time management. It helps you achieve progress and steers you on towards achieving your goals.

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One of the things that are likely to make you give up on your goals is realizing that too little time is remaining to achieve the goal within the stipulated timeline. So the best way to keep you from giving up on your goals is time management. You must put in place a time management system that works and stick to it.

4. Divide the Goals Into Milestones

At times, what makes it hard for you to stay focused on your goal is because they seem so far off. You need to stay motivated today, even for a goal you are looking to achieve in one or even 5 years from now.

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You need to create a set of milestones towards achieving your goal.

Create a set of milestones that will help you move towards achieving your goals without giving up on them. It could be broken down into weekly or monthly milestones from which you get specific achievable tasks for you to work on daily to achieve the overall set goal.

5. Create a Meticulous Plan and Follow It

You need a plan so that you do not give up on your goals. It is what will help you move from the status quo and to achieve your goals over time.

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It has to be a massive set of actions plan from which you will take action daily and not throw in the towel.

The long-term plan to help you reach your goals can change along the way, but your goals should remain intact.

6. Track Your Progress Daily

One of the crucial ways through which you can remain committed to your goals is to track and analyze your progress constantly. From the daily analysis, you can tell what you would need to do differently to achieve your set goals.

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Realizing that something is wrong with your action plan early enough gives you a chance to rectify it and go on to achieve your desired goals.

7. Do Not Procrastinate

Not giving up on your goals simply means you cannot afford to procrastinate. As you manage your time effectively, you’re protecting it from being wasted. You need to keep up with milestones and daily progress to remain on course.

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So if your plan says you have 5 actionable points today to achieve your desired goal, do not stop at number 4. Push the fifth task by tomorrow.

By any means, take action as opposed to putting it pending just a little bit longer.

8. Establish a Reward System

The last yet certainly not least way of not giving up on your goals is to put in place motivational techniques. You do not have to wait until you achieve the set goals, especially the long-term ones.

strategic planning 04

Reward yourself as you hit the milestones within the project. It could be something as simple as scheduling some time for you or getting yourself a special treat.

Such rewards will keep you motivated and working towards achieving the next milestones, and eventually, the entire goal.


As you realize the small steps within the milestones set for your goals, come up with a plan, manage your time and keep track of your progress, you will protect your focus towards achieving your goal.

If you remain in control, you will remain steps closer to achieving your goal.

These simple actions will help you not give up on your goals by ensuring that you remain on top of things!

About the Author

Eugen Spivak is a multi-award-winning author, business strategist, and a business coach. Eugen is the founder of the Canadian Institute of International Business, an organization focused on a better way to learn business!

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