How to Accelerate Career Growth & Rise To the Top of Your Career

A successful career path will offer you a lot of benefits and exciting, profitable opportunities.

The world is governed by money, and social status and working your way up to the top will certainly improve the quality of your life. Especially if you can make it to the top without years of unending experience, your star will shine even brighter and for a longer period of time!

So how do you rise to the top of your career (or niche) without a ton of experience?


1. Be in Touch With Reality

Without much experience, you will have to start from below the progressive ladder. But this should not limit you. Provided you set your targets, all you need is the right strategy to prove yourself as you climb up the professional ladder.

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One of the greatest ways is for you to start somewhere that could really appreciate the help you offer.

Such places will offer you plenty of opportunities for you to grow through the levels of credibility pretty fast.

They could be small businesses, budding start-ups, or even non-profit organizations.

In most cases, they are willing to accept help from someone with less experience, especially if it fits within their budgets.

It may not pay much as you start, but if you prove yourself an asset, you will scale through the professional ladder within no time.

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All you need to do is to set your eyes on the price and recognize what you have to do, where to begin, no matter how small it may seem.

2. Be Intentional About Building Your MRC

The principle of “Minimum Required Credibility” (MRC) lets the people hiring you to get the proof that you are going to be good.

One of the ways of proving this is, yes, showing that you have been in the said field for years and years.

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But remember, you can do this by simply showing that you have previously succeeded at a similar task somewhere else. It needs to be somewhere comparable or just one level below the company that you are aiming for.

In essence, you are seeking the least possible amount of experience necessary to gain the most amount of credibility that will help you jump to the next level of your career.

Eventually, when you are at that next level, this will be your springboard to get you to an even higher level.

So you need to make sure you do not get carried away once you gain some credibility and just take what is offered to you.

career growth 03

You need to keep your eyes on the prize, what is in the future.

You must always ask yourself if your position will help you gain more to get you to the next level of MRC.

3. Share about Your Minimum Required Credibility

Now that you have invested time in gaining the Minimum Required Credibility, make sure you tell people the far you have come and what you can offer them.

After all, you are building your MRC as a marketing strategy, so you have to talk about it.

When people see you move up the ladder so quickly, they will definitely be interested to know more about you.

Your MRC is your selling point!

career growth 01

You need to persuade your employers to let you do something that ranks higher on the ladder. All you need is to show your broad range of experiences that you will have acquired over a short period of time.

You must prove that you can handle the tasks excellently despite your young age and lack of tons of experience.

No career goal is out of reach for you, but you must go into the game with a strategy.

You get to save a lot of time and energy and avoid getting burnt out over years of hard work with little progress in the career ladder.

4. Take Up Uncommon Opportunities

To scale through the ladder of your career, you need unmatched technical experience that is rare to find in your field of expertise. You need to acquire the necessary experience in your field.

To do this, you must expose yourself to the integral aspects of experiences and tasks-handling. Offer yourself to get first-hand training in your chosen field through volunteering.

It could mean working under an expert in your field voluntarily or just on a low stipend.

career growth 11

The best way to climb up the ladder is by proving that you can handle expert related aspects of your project. Getting experience from a top-notch expert in your field will get you better opportunities and create a route for you to swiftly move up the ladder.

After developing the highly rated skills and knowledge, add it to your resume as on the job training experience.

It will help you stand out from the competition and be your stepping stone to the next level of your career.

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Do not despise the low-appearing opportunities; it is the value of what you get from them that matters.

5. Frame Your Existing Experience

Sometimes all you need is to reflect the right skills from your skillset for certain jobs. Even without a ton of experience in your line of career, you may have remarkable strengths and skills beyond what is typically required to just get the job done. You have some transferable skills which come in handy in getting the job done easily and perfectly.

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Let your management skills, creativity, leadership skills, and the ability to have a clear vision and enhance teamwork set you apart from the crowd. Beyond the technical skills needed to get a task or project done, these great interpersonal skills go a long way in ensuring that teams are able to work together to achieve set goals. Your ability to offer leadership and management skills make you a preferable candidate.

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So when seeking opportunities, frame your existing experience to show your employer what you can do. Every opportunity considers the perfect candidate that will be not only helpful in getting a particular task done but also instrumental in enhancing the performance of the organization and the workforce as a whole.

6. Sharpen Your Communication Skills

The impact of your communication skills on future opportunities is significant. Beyond framing your experience in your resume and profile, many employers are looking for your ability to articulate your thoughts to others. It is a valuable strength. Demonstrating your skill to communicate is crucial as you go through interviews, interacting with your employers as well as co-workers.

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Most employers realize that the ability to communicate ideas effectively is just as vital as the ability to envision the idea. Harness the power of your expertise by being great at producing technical results in your field but be exceptionally remarkable in explaining them too.

You need to demonstrate good communication skills by maintaining eye contact, exhibiting appropriate body language, developing sufficient vocabulary, and tailor-making your message to perfectly fit your audience.

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As you pose as the best team member to pass across ideas and information, your career growth in your chosen niche is assured.

7. Build Your Network

In your niche market, the surest way to get ahead as a professional expert is through building your network. Networking is all about opportunities and connections.

As you meet new people, you have a chance to use their skills to your advantage and better yourself.

In return, you offer your knowledge, services, and resources. To get ahead in your career, you need to network and create profitable long-term relationships.

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From creating social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, you showcase your skills and expertise as a professional in your field. These platforms will offer you numerous opportunities and career choices along the way.

In LinkedIn, for example, most business professionals are branding their companies while networking. As you interact with other professionals and market your skills and strengths, it becomes easier for you to get better opportunities without having to take years to get ahead to the next level of your career.

Your network also provides you with priceless referrals, which come in handy when seeking new opportunities.

Build your network and watch the speed at which you are able to go up the career ladder in your profession.


No career goal is out of reach for you. All you need is to get into the game with a strategy in play.

Your eyes need to remain fixed on the price as you navigate through various opportunities in your career.

You must ensure every step is building up towards the next level of your career ladder.

Brace yourself to ensure your profile and presentation captures your strengths and experiences. As you become a master in communication, build your network and show yourself being credible.

Through these strategies, you can bit the chase to the top of your career without a ton of experience!

About the Author

Eugen Spivak is a multi-award-winning author, business strategist, and a business coach. Eugen is the founder of the Canadian Institute of International Business, an organization focused on a better way to learn business!

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